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Connecting With Spirit: 7 Personal Tools


My own path has been quite diverse and the experimentation I've done equally so. It has taken several years for me to arrive at this point in my journey and emerge as a sorcerer, a medium and a channel for the angel known as Raziel. These do not define who I am but rather what I do. My ongoing training is done largely on the higher planes where I work directly, not only with Raziel, but several other Beings Of Light. Everything that I have learned has arrived in stages and it has taken considerable and consistent work on my part to be able to apply my gifts and abilities in these ways. This is not said to herald my greatness; on the contrary, it has instilled in me an incredible amount of humility. We are all given unique and special gifts that are necessary to us, in fulfilling our role and purpose. Make no mistake, we ALL have a crucial mission here in this lifetime and we owe ourselves every opportunity to gather the insights and experience needed to do that. What has worked for me may also work for you so, based on that premise, below is a short list of what have been essential elements for me in establishing and maintaining contact with Spirit. As with learning anything new, it is essential that you first establish firmly in your mind the intent or reason why you wish to begin working directly with Spirit. And then letting Spirit know of this intention. Intent is a crucial element in any endeavor, and it cannot be understated as it pertains to directly interacting with Spirit. If you don’t have this energetic component in place, you will find it extremely difficult to initiate and nurture this incredible relationship that is there and waiting for you. Many people today expect their purpose to suddenly show up like an exploding star but the real truth is that it is imperative that we take the steps that Spirit presents us with. If it has shown up in your life in such a dramatic fashion, it is indeed cause for celebration because you have the “done the work” already! If you are still unsure, please do not be disheartened. Often there are pieces that must be in place, independent of your own actions, before you are able to recognize and step into your role.

1) Establish your psychic "strong sense": This is the primary means that Spirit (or our "Guides"; I use them interchangeably) will use to communicate with you. It makes little sense to ask to see your Guides, for instance, if you haven’t developed your clairvoyant skills to a reasonable level. So this is actually a crucial first step in your quest to communicate directly with Them. If you begin to develop your skill level in this area, the contact is automatically strengthened and you will begin to experience Their presence in a very real and noticeable way. As always, request assistance if needed from Them in determining this very special part of you. Wings For The Spirit has a great description of each, as well as some simple exercises designed to enhance each ability. This component is not one that you can ignore, if your sincere desire is to develop and enhance your communication with Spirit. The goal of this short article is to assist you in doing that in a conscious manner.

2) Dream Programming and Recall: Very often, when we haven’t developed our “psychic strong sense” to a point that we can use it with some competency, Spirit uses the Dreamtime to get messages to us. This is happening to almost everybody on a spiritual path at present. We do a lot of work on the higher planes when our physical body sleeps and often return with a dim memory of these encounters. What is occurring is that a part of us, either our soul - or light body - or our astral body leaves the confines of our physical body while we sleep. When clearing is required, that can’t be done in our physical form, it is our astral body that floats free. When we recall nightmares or experience a distinct sense of unease upon waking, it is this part of us that has been active. In the reverse, when we return with a new idea or a possible solution to a dilemma, it is our soul or light body that has been working directly with Spirit and our Higher Self on the higher planes. To obtain specific answers, it is imperative that we are precise in our requests and questions to Spirit. I would suggest beginning a 7 day experiment. Just before laying down to sleep, request that you are given the solution to a pressing problem, while your physical body sleeps, and an ability to recall and apply it when you awaken. Make note of any unusual intuitive actions you take - especially for information online or in books- because this is one means Spirit uses to communicate with us, while we are in the dream state. One of the messages I channeled from Raziel recently detailed the importance of this and you may wish to read it over to fully understand how important the dreamtime really is, as it relates to the Ascension and our spiritual development. Many antiquated paradigms of dream interpretation will insist all dreams are merely dramas being played out in our mind. Sometimes, yes, this is the case but only a very tiny percentage of them. This Ascension and the intense energies that we are receiving are like none that have arrived before and they are having a profound effect on us in many ways. One aspect of this, which is important to remember, is that we will recall those dreams that we need to, if we request assistance in doing so.

3) Interact with animals as often as possible: This is an energetic connection that is very real and many will confirm communication with their pet or other animals. An important aspect to consider here is simply that Spirit can take ANY form to interact and/or communicate with us. As I sit and write this, for instance, a brown rabbit is standing sentry about 10 feet from my living room window. I've watched my friend actually lounge like a cat only feet away while I carried on a conversation with him. There are a number of "sacred spaces" that I enjoy visiting. Consider packing up a small snack, taking a stroll or bike ride and allowing Sprit to let you know where to stop. Request permission of the Guardians of that space to enjoy the beauty, peace and serenity and then sit down and enjoy the snack - but keep a small portion of everything. While there, empty your mind and request direct communication with the Guardians. Pay attention to animals and quiet voices in your mind. Ask questions aloud or silently. You may regard the small voice in your mind as being yours and often it may well be. What is important to understand, though, is that very often the voice of Spirit will arrive and appear in much the same way. As mentioned previously, Spirit can take on numerous forms. If we are sincere in our efforts to find a solution to a problem, for example, and we don’t have a lot of experience in hearing Their voice, it will appear to originate within our minds and in our voice. Often it will provide answers that we haven’t fully examined before or stimulate our thinking to arrive at a partial solution. They are limited in some ways, as far as the information that They can provide. To do otherwise takes away the element of self-discovery. After all, this is our journey and we are responsible to find our own solution and answers but Spirit can provide invaluable assistance by implanting small gems of insight or awareness during these times when we are sincere in listening to Their voice. When it’s time to leave the sacred space, say a quick prayer of gratitude, place the part of your snack you saved on the ground as an offering and request permission to return, if you choose. One last component to this is to take every opportunity to thank the Earth Mother. Take a look out your window at a sunset or sunrise, watch the squirrels play or the birds fly from tree to tree… or simply the wind blowing through the branches and thank the Earth Mother for the privilege of seeing and experiencing Her beauty. It is never a bad thing to have Her onboard in your journey of discovery.

4) Run energy at least every few days: A simple visualization of a chakra stimulates it into action. There are numerous methods of running energy through our bodies but central to them all is actually seeing or feeling it run from toe to head...or vice versa. White encompasses all colours and you can never go wrong with a white energy stream. This is important to clear away some of the "psychic sludge" and negative energy that can attach itself to us, from our daily interaction with others and it can easily build up over time. Consider it the equivalent of cleaning the sparkplugs on your car. Process Coaching has some great information on running energy as well as Robert Bruce, who initiated the New Energy Ways system that I have benefited from greatly. There are numerous others that you can research. Find one that resonates with you and ask your Guides and The Creator to bring along the people and resources that you need to assist you.

5) Push Your Limits When Experimenting: It stands to reason that if we are actively pursuing a closer relationship with Spirit, They are also doing what They can to assist us. When encountering possible exercises, be diligent and objective. Always give yourself every chance to learn. Approach this experimentation component as being essential to your experience. As with the physical, our psychic senses also develop with repeated exercise and resistance. Spirit can use any method imaginable to get the right messages and information to us, so examine other forms of divination as well such as tarot or oracle cards, scrying, dowsing and even automatic writing. Try to let go of preconceived notions that these are evil in some way. The Creator does not make mistakes and each of us is unique with our own unique abilities. Our abilities are given to us, by the Creator, to ensure we do have all the tools needed to accomplish our mission. One form of divination may work for your friend but not for you. The key is to experiment and, as always, request assistance from Spirit in determining an appropriate one for you.

6) Explore Forms of "Spirit Travel": Most people commonly believe that any type of visualization is merely done in our minds...NOT SO. That reality we experience during a guided meditation/visualization is a very real place...as real as what you see around you in the physical world. To confirm this, simply look down at your hands. This will give you an indication of what form your light body assumes in that particular realm or dimension. Remember, each new insight we gain alters our perceptions or paradigms in some way. If one continues to regard a guided meditation as simply a process that occurs within one’s mind, a limitation is placed on one’s ability to effectively use this as a tool for interacting with Spirit. As it applies to communication with Spirit, the possibilities are endless, if we view other realities we experience with this premise. A variant of the shamanic journey - a method of travel I learned and was crucial as a steppingstone to the one I use presently – which entails using an actual image and then “stepping into it” can be an incredible experience. It was doing exactly that - using a non-descript picture from a calendar - that allowed me to connect and interact consciously for the first time with a Guide. You can access the full exercise here. Astral projection can open up an entirely new world and the methods, once again, are many and varied. Robert Bruce, for instance, designed one specifically for blind people called “The Rope Technique”, which relies on touch, as opposed to sight. I found this by far to be the most effective because you can achieve results right from the first attempt but it required some modification for it to be effective for me. "Roll Out" is a good method, where you achieve a specific state of “mind awake, body asleep” and then simply roll out of your physical body, while many other systems employ a form of energy transfer, from the physical to the astral vehicle. Denning and Phillips penned an excellent book of this method, called a Practical Guide To Astral Projection, and it was directly responsible for my own awakening almost 8 years ago. It taught me not only how to work with energy but opened up some incredible doors of discovery, including an avid and ongoing interest in magic. The point here is for you to just consider exploring this incredible door of discovery. Sometimes, when connecting with our Guides, we need to meet them part way. One other point on this that bears consideration. If you wake up in the morning with a memory of being some place and can recall even partial details, chances are very good that is has been by design. You were supposed to recall that location. My own experience is that it can sometimes be a type of invitation from Spirit to indicate a meeting place, of sorts, to interact with them directly. Never dismiss these as being insignificant.

7) Express Gratitude and Spread Light: This component cannot be overstated. The type of energy we attract, in our daily lives, is the same type we hold onto and present to the world. Take every opportunity to express gratitude for even the smallest of blessings - if an action or circumstance touched you significantly, you can be certain it was done so by Divine Design and, by extension, the work of Spirit. An incredibly powerful tool to attract this positive and uplifting energy is to request the honor of sharing The Creator's Love and Light with at least one soul each time you leave the house. I can say honestly that each time I do this, I ALWAYS receive an incredible blessing in some form. Just as we appreciate an expression of gratitude for our efforts, Spirit enjoys it immensely as well. If you need a little help, I would highly suggest that you sign up for Go Gratitude's 42 Day Experiment and be diligent in your efforts. It made a very noticeable difference in my own spiritual growth. An important component of this is one that not many people consider. Every experience that we have has the potential to add to our knowledge and awareness. Very often, these “lessons” arrive with considerable pain and distress and the insight we could gain from them is overshadowed by the misery. The bottom line is that we often need these “wake up calls” to serve as teaching aids and force us to take specific actions. Ned Rorem once wrote that “Nothing is waste that makes a memory.” Outmoded religious teachings often imply that difficult and painful experiences are a punishment of some type but this is far from accurate. These difficult times are enormous gifts to us, sometimes to teach us and other times to give us an opportunity to display our mastery of specific skills that we have worked diligently on developing. People are our greatest source of learning. We can continue to lay blame on them for treating us unfairly or we can choose to look deeper at the lesson we can learn. It’s our choice. To do the former keeps us stuck in place and bitter or resentful while the latter provides us a means to understand, learn and then move on. In any case, acknowledging our gratitude for these tough times tells Spirit that we truly are sincere in our efforts. We may not always like the way They present them but it often takes great distress or pain to make any type of impact on our thinking and established paradigms. By expressing gratitude for these difficult people or situations, we are also telling Spirit that we are very willing to work Them. After all, this is the purpose of our communication with Them

This is hardly a comprehensive list but these are the key ingredients that enabled me to establish and maintain an open channel of communication with Spirit. Mastery never comes from dabbling so give yourself every opportunity to improve. Along the way, you may discover that your gifts include that of mediumship. From my own exploration of this part of me, it has been an incredible adventure of learning and growth that continues. At this pivotal point in our history, situations present themselves in rapid order and often we can't detect the true nature of these challenges. It makes considerable sense to utilize the assistance of our Guides to gain the wisdom needed to progress spiritually and ultimately realize our true purpose. They have access to information we do not. Direct interaction with our Guides is not for anybody who is insincere or has a secret hope They will somehow magically wave a wand and improve our immediate situation. It is our responsibility to do the work but They can provide the means, by orchestrating events, to enable us to proceed forward on our spiritual path in a way that does not overwhelm us. Remember, it’s not all about strife and pain. It is about learning key lessons, which we – our Higher Self – requested before this life, as well as giving us the support, encouragement and love that we need. Each of these new insights and awareness’s are essential parts in not only realizing our true role and mission, but obtaining the skill set and experience needed to fulfill it.

If you want the name of just one of your Spirit Guides....ASK. Request a specific type of signal - auditory, a physical sensation or visual - to alert you that They are ready to work. Treat them with the courtesy and respect that you would appreciate in return and you are well on your way to obtaining the real "insider's information."

Written by Nick Nash - Dec. 1/09

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Comment by Angelia Roseline on December 21, 2009 at 12:13pm
Hi Nick, thank you for this blog post, it's very valuable and of course thanks for all of your great posts and messages from Raziel. I appreciate your work and your contribution to current transformation of consciousness.

God bless you
Simona :)



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