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Every time I glimpse at you through the transparent door, I always imagined myself how lucky I am to be your lover. I never realized that you would answer “Yes.” This time I’ll make it sure that I’ll do everything to show how much I love you. I have always wanted this feeling of fascination “to be loved by you”.

As I see you’re long black hair swaying into the breezy air of the night, you’re kissable lips that could melt the numb and cold inside my heart, your hands that could calm my breath into a never ending dream of solidarity. I don’t want this feeling to subside.

I always dream of you wearing church dresses, walking down the aisle with a veil on your head as I on my formal suits awaits for you at the end of the line. I don’t want to say how much I needed you nor how much I’ve wanted you because all these years I have always been waiting for you to come into my life.

I guess you were just a little late, and I was so careless not waiting for you. The truth is I don’t want to lose you nor say the word goodbye because I never wanted any heartaches again. I don’t want to end our never ending story of love, for you will always be in my life above. I consider you as my dove that always flies into the midst of my broken night. I’ll never get tired of shouting your name telling you “I love you is all I have to say”.

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