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Weekly Message From Lord Raziel: The Tower's Shadow


I greet you, Dear Ones, with love, gratitude and respect from the Most High. Many of you are experiencing periods of turbulence, interspersed with periods of calm. You follow your intuition and the suggestions implanted by your spirit helpers and yet understanding of the changes you sense, within and without – sometimes in the short space of hours – eludes you. It is important to keep in mind that many of you recently left levels of spiritual awareness and service that provided at least a semblance of understanding regarding specific situations and challenges you encountered. Many of you have progressed to new plateaus, with their own unique areas of education and insight. Others have stepped in to the position you just vacated, one which took considerable work and sacrifice to graduate from. For what has occurred is a type of graduation, which will open you to new experiences and opportunities for soul growth and development that is crucial to achieve your role.

Many of you are uncomfortable with the new roles that you have now begun to assume, even though they are not fully actualized in some cases. It has seemed that for so long you remained in a place of conflict, uncertainty and constant awareness of your need to clear and purify. While these challenges and changes have often been painful and confusing, they have not been without benefits and rewards. The key is to be able to recognize these components and draw on them in the coming days. I’ve spoken to you of the currency of your effort and willingness to make the necessary changes to your life, even though you were very aware there would be discomfort of some form as payment for your determined efforts. Many of you have displayed courage and bravery that you had no idea you possessed. Yes, we in the angelic realm certainly played a hand in ensuring you felt protected and loved but it was you who faced each challenge and learned something new each time. This is the aspect that is essential you concentrate on, Dear Ones. Insight and wisdom are far more precious than gold.

I have mentioned that many of you have achieved a type of graduation from one level to another. This is not like the grading system evident in your schools, this is more comparable to a change in your energetic make up or matrix. Thoughts, ideas and insights – the underlying component is energy. You have been told by many so-called gurus that by changing your thoughts you can change your reality and imply that everybody should accomplish this in the way that has worked for them. Many use the guilt tactic of forcing a person to self examine and if they are dissatisfied with what they see, they should immediately begin to change their thoughts which will automatically result in changing their situation. This does have some merit but far from the entire picture. No two people are on exactly the same path, with the same objectives, challenges, life lessons or roles. By all means, if this type of approach resonates with you, follow through and begin.

But where exactly do you begin? How do you prioritize what is essential, important and simply just desired? Many of you have arrived at a point where it seems every time you turn around, a new issue has surfaced demanding your attention. To confuse matters even more, I have informed you in this message that many of you have moved to a new level of service and awareness. Surely, it must mean that there will be less challenges and adversity? The answer to that is both yes and no. Yes, the challenges will continue but no, they will not be the same ones you have already overcome. Many, however, will constitute variations of them. Allow me to explain, a bit more, Dear Ones, and offer you another magical key to assist you.

I call this key The Tower’s Shadow. Think back a year or 5 years and compare your understanding of yourself and your path with your present state. In that time, you have learned innumerable small lessons that you have already incorporated into your conscious awareness. In fact, some of the wisdom arrives in your awareness without any effort on your part. Certainly, your angelic and spiritual helpers play a hand in reinforcing this, but you will notice that often you do not consciously sit down and examine a current problem and compare it to past ones you’ve overcome. No, this is an automatic action on the part of you, your Higher Self and your subconscious mind, all working together in unison. In some cases, we assist you when you arrive to work with us most evenings but it is you who is essentially examining and comparing, without any real conscious thought.

So here is my key, for you to adapt in any way you deem necessary. The larger the problem or challenge, apply the least amount of energetic thought towards seeking a solution. This may sound ridiculous and even counter-intuitive and you may regard this as useless to your needs. After all, it is a situation that requires your direct action to change or resolve. Surely I must be mad, you might contend. No, Dear Ones, I am not mad or deranged. While this key is valuable, it works together with others that you already possess. We’ve established that solutions for specific problems you’ve overcome arrive without your conscious thought. They have already been incorporated into your subconscious mind and you respond very often without any type of prompting. They have become familiar to you, to the point where their application is essentially what you call "second nature". So I say again, Dear Ones, the larger the problem or challenge, apply the least amount of energetic thought towards seeking a solution.

Instead, take a moment whenever the anxiety surfaces that you should be doing something about it, and set an intent. Tell yourself, your Guides, your Higher Self to sort through the solutions you have already obtained through your efforts and manifest one that suits this newest obstacle. Set the energy in motion and leave it. Injecting any type of worry, fear or anxiety will interfere with the process. Remember to utilize the sleep period and set an intent for clarity and understanding when you lay down. Equally important, as well, is to follow through on your intuitive hunches. Phone that old friend, send off that email, research that topic online or pick up that book that you’ve set aside, take a walk in the snow, have lunch at another restaurant, drop a few dollars into the can of that homeless person, or say a quick whispered blessing for somebody who is angry or spiteful at the supermarket. Do those things that you are feeling led to do, even though you may not fully understand why. When we in the angelic realm prompt you to action, there is always a purpose.

This does bring us to the real crux of resistance that a large number of you encounter, at least occasionally. Many of you have been betrayed in horrible and painful ways and in recent months especially have looked around at a life crumbling before your eyes. It is so difficult to place your trust in any person or entity besides yourself but in those moments, it is more important than ever to make an attempt. Challenges come in all forms, including challenges to your trust in Us and our Great Creator. The Tower’s Shadow is enormous at times, especially when you fear for your homes, jobs, income and even physical safety. Unless the energy can be shifted or transmuted, it will remain to influence each of you and interfere with our combined efforts. We, in the angelic realm, truly are working tirelessly behind the scenes on your behalf but you must be willing to take the physical and mental actions required. You approve all actions we take, even though you often are not consciously aware of it. The situations we orchestrate to facilitate clearing of old issues, for example, can be extremely painful but most often it takes a painful situation to get your attention fully. When it is there, and staring you in the face, so to speak, you have little choice but to take action. You have begun to understand, however, that there is always an option to do exactly nothing and hope that it magically goes away. Many of you can attest that the intensity of the challenge returns with much greater magnitude each successive time until you’re left with no choice.

We are always supporting you, Dear Ones. Rely on us and our Divine Creator to supply your needs. You are being asked to accomplish a great deal in a seemingly short amount of time. Always remember, these adversities would not arrive unless we were absolutely certain that you had the wisdom and skills to tackle them successfully. You are all truly so remarkable! I will conclude with an expression of intense love and gratitude from Our Great Creator and those of us who serve as your tutors, teachers and protectors. It has been because of your efforts that many have recently awakened and are now in a place of discovery that many of you just transitioned from.

You truly are the new teachers and masters. Well done, Dear Ones!

I am Raziel, Keeper of Celestial Mysteries

(Channeled by Nick Nash - Dec. 13/09)

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Namaste! Nick, the Bright Sorcerer

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