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Weekly Message From Lord Raziel: The Wand Of Winds

(A live recording of this message, including a detailed explanation of constructed beings known as "servitors" and "egregores")


I greet you, Dear Ones, with great love, respect and gratitude from the Most High. You have observed in recent days numerous actions taking place on your planet that are sources of confusion. Collectively in the angelic realm, we are very aware of the motivations of these events and the intended results. Sowing confusion has a natural by-product of dividing individuals and groups. As I have mentioned to you, and numerous other enlightened beings assisting you have done so as well, it is imperative that any new information you are exposed to is regarded objectively. Additionally, seek to see beyond the events at the result. The arts of alchemy and magic, to name but a pair of disciplines, rely on a central and governing principle which you often call “cause and effect.” In your own physics, which is making enormous strides in understanding the very nature of what you see as reality – and what you can’t see – holds this as a central component. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Exerting a force on an object, for instance, will cause it move. This is simplistic but illustrates that this is an immutable law that governs all of existence.

You are also very aware, in at least general terms, of the belief in karma. The term itself is offensive to some who hold staunch and immovable belief systems and paradigms. Have you ever considered why they have difficulty with accepting this? At times, if you are objective, you have noted the substitution of words to describe what is essentially a universal principle – whether it is called the Law of Compensation, the Law of Attraction or the Law of Causation – and it was built into the very fabric of the universe from the point of creation and is applicable to all actions. Please allow me to repeat that, Dear Ones, for it is essential to comprehend the importance of this often overlooked aspect of universal law. The Law of Compensation is built into the very fabric of the universe from the point of creation and is applicable to all actions. Many of you well understand that the underlying component is energy and how it is applied.

Confusion arises most often when you are not fully aware of the intent behind certain actions and you do not actually see this “cause and effect” relationship enacted. Be assured that, while it may not be visible to you, this universal principle is always present in any energetic interaction or action. An added source of confusion arises when you make an automatic assumption about what effect a particular cause will enact. This is always based on only partial information and awareness. It is impractical and near impossible for you to see these results in every situation. Impractical because it disrupts the universal flow of energy, set in motion to achieve very specific results and near impossible because of the sheer number of incidents witnessed by you on a planetary scale. To do so would create chaos. I will add, however, that this effect to an action – or cause – which injures another will be brought to public consciousness in numerous ways. Once again, I remind you that often they are not effects you have surmised to be the “correct” ones or which indicate “justice” has been achieved and the apparent “wrong doer” has not been adequately “punished”.

Yes, Dear Ones, it can be enormously confusing to many of you and it is through no fault of your own, in many cases. I have mentioned often, and many of you are fully aware, that the underlying component of creation is energy. In my last message, I made the statement that all of creation entails emotion and consciousness set in energetic motion. Your own physical body is an extraordinary vehicle. You divide the functions into conscious and autonomic responses. Blinking your eyes when they feel dry is not done with conscious thought you might say but it must be so, at some level. Your heart continues to beat, you continue to breathe and digestion takes place without conscious effort on your part and yet it is done. On another level, you raise a hand to scratch your nose consciously, the result being that your itch is soothed or alleviated. In these general examples, do you spend time determining how or why they are accomplished? These actions clearly have their basis in energy and consciousness, in some form. One cannot deny that each fulfills the need at the time of ensuring a minimum of discomfort and a healthy functioning of your physical vehicle.

I wish to impart a further magical key, which I call The Wand of Winds, to be examined and utilized in any fashion you deem appropriate. Your own sciences, namely physics, have been making great progress in understanding the nature of creation and the reality around you. In many cases, we have been responsible for implanting specific ideas into receptive minds who have the potential to make discoveries that lead, in turn, to further discoveries. To explain the rationale behind these actions would take an enormous amount of time and is determinate on numerous factors. Above all, it is time as you know it that is a crucial element in the decision we make to “seed” specific information. This is not done to interfere with your free will in any way. A large part of this centers on the simple fact that reality, in any dimension, is never static.

Many of you will know that a wand is one instrument used to focus both energy and intent toward a desired outcome. Yes, this is a clear recognition of cause and effect in action, along with other principles, although it may be explained in many ways, by different people. Now imagine energy as a light breeze which is always present and you have the potential to control its flow and direction in regards to a specific situation. The effect of your intent is an extremely important component. Consider reading of a person who steals from a store and then kills to make a safe departure. Chances are good that most people will secretly hope that this robber is punished severely for their actions and, based on the laws of most civilized countries, if they are caught and brought to trial, they will be. In some cases, this does not happen and it can be both confusing and infuriating. The lingering sentiment that the person “should” have been made to suffer for their crime persists for long afterwards.

I draw your attention to the teachings of the one you know as Jesus. In abbreviated terms, he spoke great truth when he said that, “What you do to the least of My creations, you do also to Me.” The language has been altered but the sentiment and truth contained with those words remains. Certainly, you can reasonably expect that a person will pay some price for injuring another, based on the laws of the land. In this, I am certain there is agreement. Now consider the energetic component of directing your thought energy towards a specific outcome for this alleged robber. Unless you are fully aware of every aspect, you can not make a fully informed decision as to the guilt or innocence. Further to that, there are always other factors that you will never be made aware of, in any given situation. The key here is to trust. Trust that the universal Principle of Causation or “cause and effect”, which was incorporated by the very Creator, will ALWAYS apply. If you truly wish to see “justice” enacted, simply ask for an outcome that is in the highest and greatest of all concerned. Please, Dear Ones, have trust that this reality is based on and subject to The Creator’s Divine Plan and Principles. All energy is returned to its source in some fashion and holding onto resentment, even secretly, cannot be hidden or disguised. I would make one additional suggestion as well, which I highlighted in my last message. When confusion or anger arises over the inappropriate or hurtful actions of another, send them a blessing. Let go of any negativity over actions that you have no control over. Possessing the Wand Of Winds is a tool of empowerment and personal strength, one which each of you can choose to utilize in your own fashion.

I leave you with the enormous love and gratitude of our Creator. Your efforts are truly bearing fruit, Dear Ones, and please know how much gratitude and respect we have for each of you. Light is truly being shone into the darkness and so many are awakening to truth and their purpose. Be blessed this day and be at peace, Dear Ones.

I am Raziel, Keeper of Celestial Mysteries

(Channeled by Nick Nash – Mar. 07/10)

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