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Weekly Message From Lord Raziel: The Chains Of Challenge

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I greet you, Dear Ones, with love, gratitude and respect from the Most High. It is always an enormous pleasure and privilege to speak to you on behalf of our great Creator. A point of interest that you may have noted in my messages is that, in each, you have taken away some type of awareness or insight not previously possessed by you. In some cases, it may have been an entirely new perspective, while in others simply a single idea. This is no more coincidental than the sun rising each day to warm your planet. A limited view of what you call “angels” is that each is a unique identity or personality and this is very true to some extent. In the broader perspective, however, we in the angelic realm do not see this separation as you do. Many of you have been aware of the interconnectedness of all things within your reality for a very long time, while others have only come to this realization in recent times. In either case, you have made a huge leap on your journey back to That Which You Emanated From with this discovery.

In many of my messages, I have made reference to universal principles which govern all of existence. Central and most importantly, it is essential you are aware that everything springs forth from the mind of The All, that which you call Source, Divine Intelligence, Creator, Higher Power, God and Goddess or even Allah, among many others. The preoccupation with placing a name and boundaries on That Which Created You has been the true source of untold numbers of needless conflicts and suffering during your short history of sentience on this living planet you call Earth. Short is a relative term, Dear Ones, and humanity’s true history and amount of time – in your years – that you chose to be a part of this Divine Plan is but a mere blink in terms of cosmic time. Many of you have become aware of aspects of this in your nocturnal adventures, connecting and communicating with members of your true family while you are in the dream state. It is not my wish to add confusion but rather clarity so this will be a topic for further discussion with you.

You have often heard or been informed of an axiom which roughly states that “Good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people.” In my messages to you, I have stressed the importance of remaining objective regarding new information and the additional requirement of being open minded. To my great delight, and that of many who are assisting as your mentors and teachers in the angelic realm, this has begun to take root in your thought process. It is truly a joy to witness your efforts, despite conditioning to the contrary, in taking an additional moment before you make an automatic assumption or presumption towards a given situation or event. For this, I offer you our enormous gratitude and respect. Not fully known to you, this alteration in your approach has had an effect, on an energetic level, on all of humanity. Please continue to remain objective but open to new thoughts and ideas. That very act sows the seeds of cooperation and tolerance among diverse groups and belief systems which is now – and will be in your future – crucial elements in establishing global peace and goodwill.

The magical key I wish to offer today is called “The Chains Of Challenge” and is essentially an adjunct to previous keys you have received and applied. As you have noted, these keys are not of a physical nature but they assist to unlock gems of wisdom which have a cumulative effect, wisdom which your Higher Self is fully aware of, as is that spark within you called your Soul. I draw your attention to a sentiment put forth earlier in this message regarding the need for humanity in general to place names and labels on mysteries which have no outward or apparent cause. In times past, these were explained away by religion and belief systems as being “Acts Of God” in which one had no control over. Reading my messages, you have become aware of many things, not the least of which is the truth that every action has an effect or consequence. Some of your most ancient teachings still in existence today in what you refer to as “Mystery Schools” hold this truth as a central pillar in their understanding of universal principles. Simply stated, there are no accidents or coincidences, but merely the results of actions or laws not yet fully realized or recognized. As a student of the universe, you have been made aware that the very nature of energy never randomly flows without purpose or stimulation. To declare, for example, that an act is “supernatural” implies there is no cause save that the will of The Creator chose to act without regard for the very principles that The All In All put in place at the point of creation. Try to always maintain, Dear Ones, the truth that all things have purpose. The challenge is to throw off previous conditioning to the contrary and seek your own answers.

It is this very conditioning that I refer to when I named this key “The Chains Of Challenge.” An important first step in applying this has already been taken by many of you in opening your minds to the realization of your entitlement to a spiritual path and truth, of your own choosing. To fully utilize it, and enable you to take an additional pace forward in your spiritual maturity, I offer an additional suggestion. Consider being told by a stranger that the sky is falling. At the outset, the notion is considered ridiculous in the extreme. Based on your knowledge and observations, you know this to be highly improbable if not impossible. What is your first action? Chances are you will either dismiss the person as being unbalanced and/or interject your own perspective, the result being a drawn out discussion that may become heated. Each of you will attempt to convince the other of the futility of their belief. You already are aware, through some of my messages and your own education, the underlying of component of energy or energetic exchange is the basis of this disagreement. How so, you might ask? This is a good question and I will attempt to provide some clarity.

In your Bible, a short verse contained in the Book of Proverbs contains a very powerful alchemical formula: “A soft answer turns away wrath.” It is an acknowledgment that, by adding a high vibration of energy – in this case a “soft answer” – you can diffuse or alter a low vibration such as anger. You understand this well so let me take it one step further to the real heart of what I wish to pass on to you today. In any situation you encounter, there is always a choice in terms of your reaction. In simplistic terms, you can refer to these as “soul reaction” as opposed to “ego reaction”. In the case of the individual trying to convince you that the sky is falling, you have a choice in your response. If you choose to create conflict and impose your belief on that individual, what approach are you taking? The instinctual need to be “right” is a pure act of ego. I am not implying or stating, in any way, that you should not defend yourself, Dear Ones. What I am asking you to consider, when faced with this type of confrontation, is the purpose behind your response. Many of you have encountered people on your path who will try to argue with you in the hopes of not only changing your mind but in proving how “right” they are, and by extension how “wrong” you are. Dear Ones, it is a waste of your precious energy. A soul response will always be to allow another person the freedom to make their own choices and establish their own beliefs about a given situation. Try to recall the physical symptoms you have experienced after arguing with a person who has a firm belief that they are “right” and you will quickly note that your energy has been lowered dramatically and uncomfortably. This discomfort arises in a large part because you have chosen to respond from ego and not from soul.

As I have mentioned, and will clearly state again, Dear Ones, I do not imply or suggest – in any way – that you should not take steps to defend yourself. What I am saying, however, is to take an additional few seconds, when possible, and determine the cost of possible continued conflict against the cost of the energetic output. Question within if your response is from your soul or from ego. Is there truly a cost in allowing another to remain convinced of their point of view? By taking the additional time to determine this, you will save yourself from needless conflict. It matters little what they may think. Allow them the smug satisfaction that they have “won” and are “right”. Remember, this is a very accurate measuring stick to determine the spiritual maturity of an individual. A soul-based approach is a reflection of humility and there is a huge difference between that and humiliation. Contrary to what many of you have been conditioned to believe, humility is actually a sign of incredible strength.

Once again, Dear Ones, I offer you the gratitude, respect and enormous love for your efforts from our Great Creator. Some may find it odd that I include respect in that salutation but this is truth. The Creator is very aware of the efforts you have made in stepping into your roles, often without any clear indication of the outcome or end result. Rest assured, Dear Ones, you are loved beyond measure for your acts of faith in stepping into the unknown. We, in the angelic realm, who assist as your mentors, teachers and guardians, salute you for your courage and determination. Be blessed and be at peace this day, Dear Ones.

I am Raziel, Keeper Of Celestial Mysteries.

(Channeled by Nick Nash - Mar. 16/10)

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