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Weekly Message From Lord Raziel: The Bent Tree


I greet you, Dear Ones, with enormous love, respect and gratitude from the Most High. Many of you have noticed a change of some type – both within and without – in the last few weeks. For some, it has seemed be a type of “lull” period where you can discern no forward movement or momentum towards your role and mission. After the struggles and trials you endured and overcame in the last year, many of you expect this new one to begin with considerable more information and revelation arriving about your true purpose and your role within the Creator’s Divine Plan. In many cases, you have allowed worries and concerns about this to overshadow the real work that is being done by you during this period of integration, although you are having difficulty in its recognition. This is not a judgment, Dear Ones, in any way. Those of us who volunteered with enormous love and joy to act as your mentors, protectors and teachers often have a very difficult task when it comes to ensuring you are fully prepared to step into your roles during this pivital period of humanity's evolution. It’s important that you are aware that not all lessons arrive from an external source.

I ask you to closely examine your thought processes over the last few weeks for within them lay the keys to clarity. Many of you have become - and are in the process of becoming - very aware of your own unique gifts. This can cause considerable confusion for a lot of you, largely because the level of awareness in regards to your gifts has been enhanced in gradual steps over the course of your own training with us. To others, it may appear to have occurred over night, so to speak, but the truth is you were required to apply considerable energetic effort to reach that point in your development. Consider the prospect of leaving your hometown for several years and then returning. Do you think there would be any changes? Chances are you will view this with new eyes because you have been elsewhere and not living daily in that environment. To a person who has not left, however, these changes are barely noted because of their continued presence in that location. And how about you? The changes you’ve undergone since your absence has seemed gradual, if at all – at least to you - but they may appear as being quite noticeable to your old friends and neighbors. Both aspects of this observation are based on unique perceptions and are truth.

It is important at this point that I make you aware of an important aspect of this new year that many of the other Masters and Angels have been communicating. As you examine all that took place over the last year known as 2009 and are truly objective, you will immediately recognize that you have made very significant changes to your lives – physically, spiritually, socially, emotionally and mentally. You have seen many pass from your life through no fault or action of your own and it has been quite painful at times. Many of you have come in contact with new souls during this time period. Once again, if you examine this aspect, you will note that each of these new entrants into your life have arrived with unique energy, life skills, experience and wisdom that were required by you. I have also reminded you on occasion to be aware of the people whom we send to you because there is always a purpose. It may only be for you to obtain a single key, idea or perhaps to stimulate your thinking in a new way. You are also very aware, in energetic terms, that when you release something from your life, it makes room for something else to arrive that will assist you in some way during the next part of your journey. What we see in the Angelic Realm is a great difficulty many of you have with letting go of specific situations and people who serve as some type of security in your lives. The prospect of having that small bit of security removed can be intensely frightening.

In the hope of assisting you with this difficult process, Dear Ones, I offer an additional magical key. I call this key The Bent Tree. You may imagine that this key will give you the answer or courage to finally let go of toxic people or situations from your life and you would be correct but likely not in the way you may think. I spoke earlier of examining your thought processes over these last few weeks because it holds considerable significance in successfully applying this tool. As many of you are aware, this new year was heralded by a very powerful surge of cosmic energy which arrived in the guise of a lunar eclipse. The timing of this occurrence was by no means random and many of you are fully aware of this because you have felt the difference within you, although it has not been brought to your full consciousness as yet. Rest assured that it will, in due time. Part of the purpose of this new energy was to open very specific pathways and initiate the beginnings of awareness that you have not been able to accept until now. This has been reflected in your thoughts and dreams, if only as seemingly random occurrences. The new energy has also assisted many with breaking through personal barriers that have held them captive essentially.

The use of this magical key is quite simple but will take a determined effort on your part to use it effectively. Consider an old and gnarled tree that has weathered numerous storms and the passing of seasons, each with its own pattern of birth and death. Leaves fall each autumn, winter arrives to seemingly end life and then spring takes the reins and you see a new cycle of life begin. Throughout all of this, the tree has remained upright and firmly attached through its root system. Although it may appear to no longer support any type of life, in the coldest dead of winter, you know that in the beautiful warmth of spring sunshine it will begin to thrive and live once again. What you are experiencing is very similar. It can appear that the massive amount of clearing you’ve been undergoing, especially during the last tumultuous year, has produced a state within you resembling death. Many of the things in your life that you regarded as being important or essential are being called into question. As friends depart on their own personal journeys, income sources dry up and jobs suddenly disappear, you undergo the intense mental anguish of some type and it is perfectly understandable to feel a sense of loss and grief because you really have lost a part of you. What has left served an invaluable purpose to ensure you arrived at your present destination and point in your journey.

In those times of uncertainty and anxiety, as you feel the losses mounting, take a few moments to examine the new thoughts that are arriving. Know that your present state is only a temporary condition and trust in the guidance, suggestions and implanted thoughts you have begun noting. In these thoughts lay the clues to your next level of awareness, insight and growth.

I conclude, Dear Ones, by offering you the enormous love, gratitude and respect of our Great and Divine Creator and those of us who work tirelessly as your tutors, mentors, teachers and protectors. As with any problem or difficulty you encounter, never hesitate to communicate with us. The answers may arrive in unusual ways but I ask once again that you are aware of new people we introduce into your life. Every connection you make is essential and has the potential to move you along your spiritual path much quicker.

I am Raziel, Keeper of Celestial Mysteries

(Channeled by Nick Nash - Jan.17/10)

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Comment by Bright Sorcerer on January 19, 2010 at 12:33pm
Thanks so much, sister. It is an honor to do what I am doing with Raziel and I am very grateful for this. Love and Light, Sister. Nick
Comment by Angelia Roseline on January 19, 2010 at 9:59am
Hi Nick, thanks a lot for your channeled messages from Lord Raziel and support in this important time.

God bless all beings



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