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Weekly Message From Lord Raziel: The Elixir Of Creativity


I greet you, Dear Ones, with enormous love, respect and gratitude from the Most High. You have many curiosities this week regarding what you may deem as peculiar behavior, not only from you but from those around you. The particulars of each of your situations are unique so it is difficult for me to encompass one single explanation to enlighten you. What I will do, however, is assure you that whatever the circumstance, there is a purpose. Many of you have a sense of urgency in your tasks, especially your spiritual development, and this is no coincidence. An incredible amount of work is being done on many planes of reality to support the Ascension you are presently experiencing. It has only been recently that key pieces of this great cosmic puzzle have aligned; the purpose for what may have seemed a delay was quite necessary.

It is important, at this point, that I briefly speak about the energies you have been encountering in recent weeks. As many of you have already surmised, they have increased in intensity and this is no accident. They are arriving as a catalyst for events in many cases, events that must take place. Very often it takes experiencing great pain for many of you to take notice of certain areas of your life that are presently out of alignment with your soul purpose. Please know, Dear Ones, the discomfort this causes is in no way punishment. Whether it is an idea, thought, habit or old paradigm in need of adjustment, this energy is helping each of you to release what no longer serves you. It is easy to hold on to small bits of resentment, even after you have forgiven and sent a blessing to one who has harmed or wronged you. They will reappear at odd times, often accompanied by a brief visual or verbal recollection of the hurtful event. In this, I can offer you some assistance in a technique that requires only a few seconds of your time.

When you encounter any type of “flashback” of a hurtful event, it is confirmation that you have not fully released the energy associated with it. When they appear, you can always dismiss them or put them out of your mind by applying your personal alchemy but it still remains essentially a part of you. In these times of recollection, I offer you this suggestion. As soon as you detect this memory surfacing, close your eyes and direct your attention to your heart chakra. Visualize a rosy green sphere begin to form there. Send the emotional energy of the event, in whatever form you are comfortable with – visual or verbal – into the sphere. The final action is to send this sphere you have created quickly through your lower chakras and allow it to exit at the base of your spine. Imagine it quickly dissolving into nothingness as it is dissipates like steam from a boiling pot. Once you’ve completed this, open your eyes and continue with your activity. This clearing is both realistic and a very strong symbol in your subconscious mind, that spark of the Divine within you.

You will agree that to make changes, of any type, there is a requirement very often in altering the approach. Creative solutions require creative thinking. I have mentioned to you before that your own unique type of creativity has been given to you for many reasons. So many of you have begun to embrace your creativity in your projects and even in your approach to spirituality and this brings us great joy. Development of this in each of you is no longer an option. I mentioned that sense of urgency that many of you are experiencing and this is closely tied in with development of this essential part of you. I call this key The Elixir Of Creativity and, once again, I wish to gently remind you that this works best in combination with other keys I have supplied. I have given you instruction on how to make a request for a specialist guide, if you require information or insight in a specialized area. To read more on this, I ask that you reference one of my past messages entitled “The Silent Ones”.

To utilize this key, I would ask that sit comfortably. Raise your hands over your head until they join. It is at this point, Dear Ones, that you have a direct portal and connection to your Higher Self consciousness. Imagine having access to a central intelligence that contains every scrap of wisdom and knowledge you have accumulated – and are continuing to accumulate in numerous other realities simultaneously – in each of your existences. Now bring your arms down and allow them to rest comfortably. Your next action is to begin to visualize a bright white portal opening in that location above your head about the size of a dinner plate. When it is firmly in place, begin to draw that white energy through the top of your head and right through your physical body to your feet. It is important that you make an attempt to see each chakra lit up. It is not essential to see each of them in a particular color for this to be effective, however. Once you can see or feel your entire body infused, take a few added seconds to allow it to stimulate you. Each chakra has its place in the creative process so please pay special attention to them.

Use of this key is ideal before you begin work on a project or if you’re feeling blocked for creative ideas. Before you stand, after completing the previous steps I’ve outlined, direct your attention to the portal you opened – this has often been called one’s “Star Chakra” – and say aloud or in your mind, “I will you to remain open, or “I will you to remain in place,”. You may specify a time period at this point but my suggestion is simply to close the connection at the conclusion of your session. To do this, after you’ve completed your “session”, simply return to the location where you enacted it, visualize it once again and then dissolve it. Please be sure to take an added few seconds to address your Higher Self and extend your gratitude for the collaboration. If you have called in any of your other guides or a specialist guide– a practice that allows you to work much more closely with Us and greatly enhances the communication level – offer your thanks and request assistance in future projects.

There is one additional item that will greatly assist you in getting the most of your creativity but this is only a suggestion for you to consider. Many of you are beginning to sense a growing need within you to express yourself in a unique manner. You have often heard this and I will offer my own support to this piece of great wisdom. Whether it is a painting that captivates, a poem that elicits tears of joy or a flower bed arranged with an assortment of colorful flowers that holds the attention of casual passerby, each of these is an expression of soul, at its very core. This is why you feel such great contentment in these activities of creation because you are truly expressing yourself from the level of soul. And what is soul? It is that bright spark of Divine Essence within you, a special part of the Great Creator. Your creations allow The Creator to experience everything you do right through the creative process and into final completion. In light of this, I will offer you a final suggestion to complete this message. Before you even begin something new - whether it be artistic or on your journey – take a few quiet moments and ask for a special blessing from The Creator. If your intent is sincere, it will grant you access to “the flow”. Remember, no given event affects or is designed for a single individual. By asking a blessing, you are aligning yourself to the purpose of the Universe and it can reap some amazing benefits for you, not to mention the assistance of many new Beings Of Light.

I leave you, Dear ones, with the love, respect and gratitude of our Great Creator. Each of you are living a unique existence that allows our Creator to experience your own unique reality. Please don’t ever doubt The Creator’s love for you, or that which is constantly embracing you from the higher realms. In times of indecision, always seek that which offers joy. And don’t ever be shy to request us to bring along an event that will allow you to experience joy, if you’re having a tough day. As your teachers, tutors, mentors and protectors, we are intimately familiar with the challenges you face daily. It is no false platitude to say that you continue to amaze and delight us with your determination to realize and live your purpose. Your efforts allow us to play our role in the Divine Plan as well, Dear Ones. For this, please know that you have our continued gratitude, love, respect and friendship.

I am Raziel, Keeper of Celestial Mysteries

(Channeled by Nick Nash - Jan. 31/10)
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