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You Are The Teachers, Healers & Leaders

You are all the teachers, healers and leaders in the paradigm shift that is taking place. You are doing a lot of work now to gather information, learn what it is you need to know, prepare for the paradigm shift, and make yourself ready. You are doing it now because there are going to be very frantic masses looking for answers when it all starts coming apart at the seams. You are going to be the guides to these people when they are ready to awaken. Never has there been a better time to be of service to humanity.

A lot of people are completely oblivious to this change. They are still into their cars, their clothes, the latest computer game, the latest rock star. They are still distracted by the material world. Many would have no idea what to do if their hair dryer stopped working or they couldn’t pick their clothes up at the dry cleaner. If their normal routine is broken in any way, or their normal life is disrupted, they would come unglued. Many people are still in the trance induction of the mass hypnosis that has taken place over humanity.

A lot of these people have never asked the big questions in life or delved deeply into their spirituality. Some are even hugely immersed in very automated ways of experiencing religion. Some even see spirituality/religion as a chore they have to do in order to maintain the status quo. Some have no idea who or what God is, and some don’t even believe in God. Some people plan on getting into spirituality when they have time, but for now they have to keep up with their jobs, families or activities.

These are the people who are going to need your help when the going gets tough, when physical reality suddenly changes abruptly. There will be no mor “normal” and a lot of people will simply go mad. Some people will have no idea what to do with themselves if suddenly they don’t have a job to go to anymore, the super market is empty, or electricity suddenly goes off. Some people have no idea how to survive, light a fire, or protect themselves.

You are probably not going to be equipped to help people on the level of physical survival very much, if that were to ever become necessary, especially if it would be something that would put your own situation in jeopardy. That is an undertaking that only a massive level of preparation could take care of. You might be helping your immediate family who finally wizens up and needs food to eat and a place to stay, but you would not be able to assist the masses in that way. On the other hand, you could be in a position to teach people who don’t know how to light a fire, grow a garden, or purify water how to do that. Maybe.

What you are going to be helping people the most with is understanding what is happening, learning how to work with consciousness, and learning how to feel less fear since it is essential that people drop the energy of fear if they are going to be able to turn things around. You can teach them how to work with pre-matter and align with the paradigm shift taking place. You can teach people how to work with one another and come together.

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